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Studio City Therapist with Real Experience to Help

Have you been looking for a Studio City therapist but none of them seem like the right fit for you? Does it feel like each therapist in the Studio City area seems more or less the same? When it comes to therapy, having the right therapist is important. It’s your mental health, your happiness, your life. Many folks go from therapist to therapist to find the right one, but that can take its own toll (to say nothing of taking time). Dr. Laura Calnan has the experience and the track record to be able to help you to live the life you want.

Experienced Studio City Therapist

For the last fourteen years, Dr. Calnan has specialized in treating anxiety, depression, and addictive disorders. Treating both adolescent as well as adult clients, she’s a licensed clinical psychologist with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. La Ventana Treatment, Avalon Malibu, Insight Treatment, and Exodus Recovery are just a few of the facilities that she worked at before she went into private practice. With all of this experience, she’s able to bring the best, most empirically validated components to her work from CBT, humanistic psychology, and psychoanalysis.

Who It’s For

Essentially, anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, and addictive disorder. Over the years, she's provided group and family therapy in addition to individual therapy for a wide range of patients. Beyond anxiety, depression, and addiction, she’s helped folks dealing with self-harming behaviors, severe mental illness, acute diagnostic presentations, co-occurring disorders, and more. While much of her background is in treating adolescents, she has plenty of clients who are young adults as well as those who are a bit older. Basically, if someone is looking to have a healthier relationship with themselves as well as with others, she can help.

How it Works

Dr. Calnan’s foundational belief is in emphasizing an inner process of healing while aiding others through acceptance, authenticity, and compassion. With her training, she can help clients in addressing relationship issues that cause someone to re-enact destructive experiences and childhood trauma in their current relationships. The idea is to help them to replace those behaviors with healthier ones, ones that will lead to more satisfying, sustainable relationships. Through identifying developmental impingements she can help clients to see what underlying traumas are causing their problems, and then ultimately overcome them.

Body, Mind, and Spirit

In a recent Instagram post, Dr. Calnan said: “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Dr. Calnan can help you to see things more clearly. Not through the perspective of past traumas, of negative, limiting thoughts. But rather, through working with her, you can see the events in your life as they truly are. That way, you won’t be held back by something that happened long ago. At this time, she does offer in-person as well as remote video sessions. To schedule a consultation with her, you can message Dr. Calnan through her site or call (818) 331-1131.


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