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Therapist for Young Adults

Your 20’s can be a difficult time.  They’re full of transition.  At this point in your life you’re certainly not a child anymore, but you’re still on your way to becoming the adult you want to be.  You might feel lost or unsure.


 When you’re a teenager, you’re still dependent on your parents.  They often define a large part of who you are, ie. where you live, your cultural upbringing, religious and political views.  When you enter into adulthood it can be confusing and scary to try to determine which of these influences you align with and which ones you don’t. 


It can also be stressful to be on your own for the first time as you perhaps continue your education, begin a career or consider marriage and family.  The bottom line is, who you were as a teenager is not who you will be by the end of 20’s.  There may be core qualities and consistencies, but the very nature of growing up is change.  This could be the perfect time to seek support and guidance as you find your way to actualizing the you you want to be. 

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