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Psychologist in Los Angeles

Whether you are a parent with a struggling teen or you are personally struggling with your own concerns psychotherapy can be a helpful support.  By mid-life many events can transpire to culminate in grief or pain; divorce, death or chronic health conditions, and of course parenting. 


Dealing with a difficult child takes a lot of energy and can exhaust you physically and emotionally. Most problems arise from a difference in how this stage of development is perceived by each party.

An adolescent’s job is to separate from their parents and develop a new identity. Most teens are going to act out in some way as they try to distance themselves from you and gain independence. The defiance you see may also be the result of an underlying problem that they don’t know how to talk about such as friends , family, or school.

I have worked with many teenagers/young adults and their parents to develop better communication and understanding of one another. I can help you understand how you got here and what to do now.

Marriage and career can be equally stressful.  I am here to support you. Whether you are depressed and anxious and need support for yourself or you are seeking help for your child I can help. Clarity and resolution are possible.

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