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Anxiety Therapist: Focus on Your Body, Mind & Spirit to Live Your Life

Does it feel like you spend so much time just “out of sorts?” Even when things are going well, do you still feel unhappy? No matter your age or your life situation, these are common concerns. There’s nothing wrong, not in the slightest, with seeking out help to address those concerns. Dr. Calnan, an experienced anxiety therapist, has helped so many people like you over the years to be able to live the life that you want, dealing with these concerns. Trained from the biopsychosocial perspective, she can help you to feel better in your body, mind, and spirit.

Biopsychosocial Explained

In very simplified terms, the biopsychosocial media essentially means that there’s a psychological foundation for someone’s symptoms. Whether it’s one symptom or many, there’s a psychological reason for each of them. If a person is struggling with depression, if they’re very unhappy, impulsive, and so forth, there’s a psychological factor causing that. Through Dr. Calnan’s therapy, you can safely explore what that may be. Then, working with her, you can achieve greater self-awareness, helping you to live how you want.

Symptoms, Causes, and Help

For example, many of Dr. Calnan’s patients are in the throes of addiction. Overcoming addiction can be the most difficult challenge of a person’s life. That said, it’s rare that “the addiction” itself is what needs to be overcome. Rather, there’s something inside the person, some underlying trauma, of which the addiction is a symptom. To truly overcome the addiction, that trauma has to be discovered, processed, and dealt with. Otherwise, any progress made on overcoming the addiction is always at risk, subject to being eliminated by the underlying trauma. Dr. Calnan has helped so many to find what that trauma is and then to overcome it.

Dealing with Depression

You might have read the above section and thought: “OK, that sounds good for folks who are dealing with addiction. However, I have anxiety and depression. How does that help me?” Essentially in a very similar way. Like addiction, depression and anxiety are symptoms, symptoms of something within a person. When you work with Dr. Calnan, she’ll bring the best components of CBT, psychoanalysis, and more to help you to overcome that, too. It won’t happen all at once. But, by working with her over time, you can make real progress on feeling (and living) how you want.

A Day to Start With an Anxiety Therapist

It would be a surprise if anyone had ever said: “I wish I’d waited longer to start going to therapy.” The sooner you reach out to Dr. Calnan, the sooner you can make the sort of progress that will put you in greater control of your life. She specializes in working with teens, young adults in their 20s, as well as adults older than that. So, she knows how to put together a unique therapeutic plan for your specific needs. To learn more, you can visit the site here. To schedule a session with her, call (818) 331-1131.


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