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Why do you need an anxiety therapist?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Anxiety has become a common problem among adults in the US and across the globe. With an alarming lifestyle, terrible work-life balance, and poor quality sleep, anxiety takes a significant toll. Unfortunately, there is no single reason that we can blame. To lead a productive life, people need to seek a professional anxiety therapist.

Like the rest of the globe, the number of mental disorders in the United States has increased. As people's burdens and stress levels have increased, there is no solace to go to.

What are the latest anxiety statistics?

According to an ADAA survey, anxiety attacks and mental illness are among the most common problems in the US. It affects around 40 million people every year, and the number is growing with every passing day. However, researchers say there is no one reason behind these growing issues.

What exactly is anxiety?

In simple terms, anxiety is the human body's first response to any stress. It's a fearful feeling or an intense apprehension about anything. It has been observed that amongst the many mental health issues, anxiety is the most common one.

Sometimes people equate anxiety with normal worry. In many cases, anxiety may be very normal according to changing situations. However, it is always best for a professional to decide if any further help is required or not. It is where an anxiety therapist like Dr. Laura Calnan steps in to assist and guide you into dealing with anxiety in a better manner. Continue reading to know more about the role and significance of an anxiety therapist.

How does an anxiety therapist work?

Anxiety therapists analyze the root cause of one's anxiety and help individuals manage it in a better manner. As a mental health issue, anxiety is also a prevalent trigger arising out of risky activities. One can never live anxiety-free, but it is essential to learn how to manage it. An anxiety therapist conducts various therapy exercises to equip one in dealing with their anxiety.

Therapists also identify if one's anxiety is temporary, arising out of a recent unprecedented event. Or its permanent cropping from an incident registered in the subconscious or unconscious brain. The therapist would accordingly prescribe a therapy procedure. They may also prescribe medications to deal with chronic anxiety issues.

Why do we need an anxiety therapist?

Anxiety is a defense mechanism for one's body and mind to deal with unsettling experiences. In most cases, anxiety is the first symptom of many serious mental health issues. These problems are easier to detect early on with the help of an anxiety therapist.

Anxiety, if not treated in time, can hamper one's quality of life. It will severely impact one's day-to-day activities. Hence, to prevent anxiety from happening, it is advisable to approach an anxiety therapist in time. Anxiety therapists are trained to identify issues and give patients better, more effective coping strategies.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that is successful in treating anxiety problems. In addition to CBT, anxiety therapists may employ additional techniques to treat anxiety problems.

Group psychotherapy, which generally consists of several people who all have anxiety problems, can be beneficial in reducing anxiety as well as giving patients support. Anxiety therapists are highly qualified professionals who will customize a treatment plan to each patient's specific needs.

Anxiety Therapist

Contact the best anxiety therapist

Contact Dr. Laura Calnan at 818.331.1131 to book an appointment today and get treatment from the best anxiety therapist. You can also write to us at to get started. Our team will get back to you within hours and will be much happier to help.

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