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What Kind Of Self-Growth Can You Expect From Psychotherapy In Los Angeles?

Let’s face it; everyone is different. We all have a unique set of needs, values, and beliefs that make up our personalities. Wading through these differences inside ourselves and others can be tricky, to say the least. Going through this process with a highly trained professional can lead to less confusion and incredible amounts of self-growth.

Three Out of Four People Benefit From Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy benefits nearly everyone. Studies have shown that nearly 75% of participants receive some form of positive impact from psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can lead to positive effects ranging from changes in thought patterns to fewer medical problems.

A Brighter Perspective

Therapy teaches us how to identify the harmful thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs within ourselves. Acknowledging and accepting these negative aspects is the first step to making a positive change. Realizing we can make positive changes to our lives switches up our whole belief systems.

Changing our beliefs to be more empowering, action-oriented, and positive changes our outlook on the world for the better. What once seemed hopeless now seems conquerable. Through therapy, you will have a brighter and more positive perspective, allowing you to tackle life with greater force.

Growth Through Pain

All forms of psychotherapy will come with their challenges and hardships. Self-growth is difficult and takes consistent effort. Early on, you may feel even more overwhelmed or emotional during treatment. This is normal, and increased emotional pain doesn’t have to be a negative experience.

Your therapist may push you to confront emotions and feelings you have been neglected. This feeling of ripping off the bandaid can be scary and painful but lead to incredible amounts of healing and relief. The key is to give treatment your best effort and as much time as necessary.

Increased Levels Of Focus

Psychotherapy isn’t the equivalent of drinking an energy drink, but it can increase your levels of focus. By getting in touch with your values, desires, and needs, you will gain a greater sense of self-awareness. Increased levels of self-awareness allow you to understand what you’re truly aiming for in life.

Having an aim, purpose, or ambition focuses the rest of your life. This chief desire becomes a guiding compass or north star. Situations that were once overwhelming become easy to navigate due to knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve. This greater sense of purpose brings meaning to your life and the lives of those around you.

Psychotherapy In Los Angeles

Come Try Psychotherapy In Los Angeles!

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