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What a Teen Therapist in Los Angeles Can Provide

Do you worry that your teen is struggling with addiction or other mental health problems? Does it seem like they’ve gotten “off track” and there’s nothing you can do? Adolescence can be challenging for so many. There are new life experiences, new opportunities as well as new challenges. Going to therapy could be exactly what your teen needs to feel and live that much better. There are plenty of reasons that parents set their kids up with a teen therapist Los Angeles residents trust.

Many Valid Reasons that Teens Could Benefit from Therapy

When many folks think about the reasons that a teenager could benefit from therapy, they tend to think of some destructive teenage behavior. A teen that harms themselves in some way, that has struggled with thoughts of suicide, is depressed, and so forth. Those are perfectly valid reasons that a teen might be a good candidate for therapy. Additionally, those are definitely behaviors and feelings that seeing a therapist could help with. However, there are any number of reasons that a teen could benefit from therapy.

Therapy: for Teens Going Through a Tough Time

Some have a misconception that it’s only “problem teens” who could benefit from therapy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many teenagers who could get a lot out of therapy may be high achievers who get great grades, but also are struggling to overcome the loss of someone in their life, their parents are going through a divorce or have other problems at home, the teen struggles with food/weight issues, or even just want to better be able to manage the stress in their life. Therapy can benefit teenagers who are dealing with those issues as well as many, many more.

What Therapy Offers a Teenager

Therapy can be a safe, secure place for a teenager to discuss what really matters to them. Instead of having to worry about the judgment of others, they can speak freely and truthfully about their lives. Moreover, they can do so without the fear that their trust will be betrayed in any fashion. The right therapist for a teen is also someone who has experience with teenagers and their issues. They'll be able to draw upon their experience to be able to help that teen to identify what’s causing their issues and then work with them to overcome them.

Experienced, Professional Teen Therapist in Los Angeles and More

Dr. Laura Calnan has been a therapist for teenagers for many years. Indeed, before she moved into private practice she was at Insight Academy, which offers rehabilitation and more specifically for teenagers. She’s currently accepting more teenage patients. However, she also works with far more than just teenagers. Dr. Calnan also provides therapy for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and above. No matter the age, she can help to boost your body, mind, and spirit. You can reach out to her through her site for an appointment. Additionally, you can call her to schedule one at (818) 331-1131.


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