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Top Questions To Ask Your Anxiety Therapist For Better Results

Anxiety is a common mental health issue that can be very disruptive to a person's life. It is essential to seek out help from an anxiety therapist if you think anxiety is affecting your life. But it is also essential to ask the right questions when choosing a therapist to get the best results. Here are some of the top questions to ask your experienced therapist for better results:

What Kind Of Experience Do You Have Dealing With Anxiety?

It is crucial to find out how much experience your therapist has dealt with anxiety and how long they have been working in this field. Ask them about their qualifications and any specialized training they may have received. It's recommended to go for a professional with more in-depth experience and qualifications. Then, when you opt for an experienced therapist, you can be sure that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to help you better cope with anxiety.

How Do You Approach Anxiety Treatment?

You can also ask your anxiety therapist about their approach to treating anxiety. Different therapists have varying approaches to therapy, so it's crucial to find out which one suits you best. For example, ask them whether they use cognitive-behavioral therapy or other methods. Also, ask them if they offer additional services, such as mindfulness exercises and relaxation techniques that could benefit your anxiety.

Do You Use Medication For Anxiety?

Medication is often recommended as one of the treatments for anxiety. However, not all therapists offer this option. If you're considering taking medication for your anxiety, it's best to find out if the therapist can prescribe any. It is important because some medications can have adverse side effects and should only be taken under the supervision of a professional. Moreover, ask your therapist about the potential risks and benefits of medication for anxiety.

Are There Any Other Support Services That I Can Access?

Apart from therapy sessions, other types of support services can be beneficial for your anxiety. Ask your therapist if they offer any group sessions or any other forms of support that can help you manage your symptoms better. Additionally, ask if they know of any local resource groups or organizations that offer specialized support services for people with anxiety.

These are some of the top questions to ask your anxiety or depression therapist for better results. It's essential to find a therapist you feel comfortable with and whose approach to treating anxiety best suits your needs.

How Often Will We Have Sessions?

Knowing how often you will meet with your anxiety therapist is essential. Ask them about the recommended frequency of sessions and the duration of each one. It will help you plan your time accordingly and manage expectations about the healing process. It is essential to establish a good rapport with your therapist, so it is best to set a regular schedule for sessions.

Contact The Best Anxiety Therapist To Get Started!

Dr Laura Calnan is an experienced anxiety therapist with years of experience. She offers result-driven psychotherapies and counselling services customized to the individual. Contact Dr Laura Calnan to book an appointment and start your journey toward better mental health. She and her team will help you learn practical strategies to manage and reduce anxiety.


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