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Therapist in Studio City: Why Are We the Best?

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Mental health issues are surging among the general public. But, these issues are receiving the attention they deserve. In addition, as the work to life balance is getting disturbed and people can't find solace in their everyday life, their mental health takes a toll. That's the reason people need to consult a professional therapist in Studio City.

The United States has seen a sudden increase in the number of mental illnesses. Even though citizens have excellent facilities, people's burdens and stress levels have grown.

What are the latest mental health statistics?

Because of these factors, the rising suicide rate has piqued the interest of law enforcement. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in the United States in 2019, accounting for over 47,500 deaths.

What are health clinics doing to deal with this issue?

As mental health issues are growing exponentially, several independent mental health professionals, such as Dr. Laura Calnan, are playing a transforming part. They have created a well-established mental health clinic for the benefit of the clients. Dr. Laura Calnan is a well-known Studio City mental health expert. She is a licensed psychologist, and she is expertise in treating anxiety, depression, and other illnesses. Continue reading to learn more about therapy in Studio City and what makes Dr. Laura Calnan different.

Why perform therapy in Studio City?

Due to the number of initiatives undertaken by the United States Government, Studio City has transformed into a mental health hub. It is sprawling with several mental health clinics that are constructively working towards the cause in no time. They are ensuring people get prompt treatment so they can recover faster. Though all mental health clinics offer similar services, a few but significant features in Dr. Laura Calnan's clinic set it apart from the rest. Continue reading to know more about the clinic and why it's different from the rest.

Why is Dr. Laura Calnan the best?

Dr. Laura Calnan's clinic is providing a state-of-the-art and scientific solution to mental health issues. It is a hub that maintains an accurate balance between therapy and psychiatry. The majority of clinics' focus is restricted to counseling and treatment. At the same time, Dr. Calnan's clinic thrives by including modern-day machines and techniques relating to neurology and psychotherapy.

Though psychological studies date back centuries, many developments are happening in the field due to the rising mental health issues amongst people. However, as much of this new research is restricted to textbook knowledge, Dr. Calnan actively incorporates these theories into actual practice. With a result-driven focus to treat clients, our recovery speeds up naturally.

The clinic also promotes research and development and is the hub for personalized and result-driven natural treatments. It reflects upon the dedication of Dr. Calnan and her team and the technical superiority the clinic possesses.

Therapist in Studio City

Book an appointment with the best Therapist in Studio City

Contact the best Therapist in Studio City and make an appointment for cognitive behavior therapy or any other mental health treatment at 818.331.1131. You can also contact us at to discover more about our holistic mental health programs. Take a healthy step towards leading a better and productive life and have complete control over yourself. Our team will be much happier to walk you through our different programs. Contact Dr. Laura's team today.

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