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Therapist in Studio City to Help With Agoraphobia and More

With the world opening up, have you found yourself feeling more nervous than ever? Did you look forward to getting back to your life during the pandemic, only to find that, now that you can, you feel somewhat reticent? These feelings are far more common than many folks may think. As we re-enter our lives, many folks are feeling a kind of agoraphobia. Dr. Laura Calnan, a therapist Studio City residents trust, can help you to ultimately overcome this and live how you want.

What Agoraphobia is

Agoraphobia isn’t like you see in the movies and on TV. It’s not someone shut up in their one-bedroom apartment for twenty years on end. Rather, it’s just feeling anxiety about being outside one’s home or in public spaces. During this time, folks may feel agoraphobia about using public transportation or even walking in public spaces like in malls, bridges, parking lots, movie theaters, elevators, stores, and so many others. Even just waiting in lines or being in crowds can trigger it. For many folks, it’s just a fear of leaving home alone. Dr. Calnan can help.

How Agoraphobia Manifests

To be clear, you don’t have “agoraphobia” if you feel anxious about leaving your home for a week or two. Usually, for someone to have it, the avoidance and phobia lasts for six months or even longer. Folks with agoraphobia may feel a strong fear or anxiety that comes from situations. Specifically, it’s a strong fear or anxiety that’s over-exaggerated, that’s bigger than the situation is. You may avoid the situation entirely, or you may need someone to come with you. Too often, this causes significant distress in a person’s life, making it difficult for them in social situations, work, and others. There is hope.

How Dr. Laura Calnan Treats Agoraphobia

Dr. Calnan has many ways of helping with agoraphobia. CBT and psychotherapy are two methods that she often uses with clients. However, one that she often utilizes with folks who suffer from agoraphobia is exposure therapy. This is, more or less, what it sounds like. For lack of a better phrase, it’s built around confronting your fears. In the past, she’s had clients make a list of what they fear. So, it could be a list of places they’re afraid to be, etc. Alternatively, she could have a client draw up a “Fear Ladder.” Basically, this would start with something that they were only a little afraid of at the bottom and then something they were very afraid of at the top.

Therapist in Studio City

The above just mentions some of the different kinds of therapies that Dr. Calnan offers for agoraphobia. There are many others. She makes sure to tailor her therapy to the exact needs of the client. That said, she also treats far, far more than just agoraphobia. She specializes in anxiety, depression, and addictive disorders. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Calnan, you can message her through her site or call (818) 331-1131.

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