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Signs You Need Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles

If you feel something is holding you back in life although you try your best, it may be a sign that you need cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is effective for a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression and addictions.

Cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles can help you to identify and change your problematic thoughts and behaviors to healthier ones. One of the benefits of this therapy is developing more self-awareness which can ultimately change your whole life.

Do your problems concern how you think or behave?

CBT is helpful for anything from phobias, trauma, anxiety and depression to relationship problems and ADHD. If you experience issues involving thoughts or behavior, there is a CBT treatment approach. Are you obsessed about a past breakup or concerned about the fact that your online shopping is getting out of hand?

CBT is a tool that can help you to manage these challenges. One of the reasons why CBT is so well-known and widely used is because it is has been so widely studied and found to produce clear and measurable results.

How cognitive behavior therapy works

Many people seeking out cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles are dealing with some form of anxiety, stress or depression. You may find you’re anxious in social situations and you start to avoid gatherings, rather spending evenings at home. A CBT therapist could help educate you about the irrational triggering of the fear response and teach you how to relax your body, shift your thoughts and develop an action plan to remain calm at an upcoming social event.

The following week the therapist will evaluate what worked and what didn’t to make adjustments and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

A personalized treatment plan

Essentially, you will discuss the problem you’d like to overcome with the therapist who will work together with you to formulate an action plan. This will involve identifying the problematic thoughts and behaviors, finding ways to change them, and developing a strategy to implement the changes.

Strategies are applied in real-life situations and homework may include keeping a journal of your thoughts and emotions throughout the week and using worksheets to target an area of growth.

Create lasting change

If you feel as though you are simply repeating patterns over and over in your life, you may be focusing on the symptoms rather the personality patterns that underlie them. In CBT you can focus on what causes the symptoms to manifest. This evidence-based therapy has been helpful for many people and brought about permanent change.

Cognitive behavioral therapy Los Angeles

Dr. Laura Calnan (PsyD) believes in helping others through acceptance, compassion and authenticity. She has over 14 years of effectively treating clients with various modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy. Her goal is to help you develop a healthier and more sustainable relationship with yourself and others. Call 818.331.1131 or fill out a contact form on the website to arrange for virtual or in-person therapy sessions.


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