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Psychotherapy in Los Angeles: Know It's Benefits

With increasing numbers of mental issues in teenagers, it is becoming a significant concern among parents. However, the earlier individuals start, the better results they can achieve when it comes to treatment. Teenagers can opt for psychotherapy in Los Angeles and other cities to tackle these severe issues. Dr. Laura Calnan is among the leading mental health specialists working closely to help teenagers get back to their everyday lives.

What do the latest psychotherapy statistics look like?

According to a survey, In 2019, around 19.2% of teenagers and adults underwent mental health treatment in the past 12 months. When projected in numbers, it goes in millions, and it's a concerning figure. In addition, 9.5% of individuals received therapy from mental health professionals for severe problems. On this note, let's explore the benefits of opting for psychotherapy.

What are the benefits of Psychotherapy?

Learn How To Cope With Your Problems

One of the most practical advantages is learning how to cope with teenagers' problems effectively. Rather than using harmful substances or behaviors to "numb" themselves, psychotherapy will teach them tools and methods to help them deal with challenging emotions and thoughts in more productive ways.

These methods will help prevent future negative consequences related to substance abuse or maladaptive behaviors. They will also free up energy and time that you used to spend trying to cope in unhealthy ways, which they can now use on other more positive activities.

Increase Your Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Another benefit is increasing teenagers' self-confidence and self-esteem. Some find it challenging to feel good about themselves if they don't achieve everything they set out to do or accomplish all their goals. However, by working through the issues that are holding them back from fully realizing their potential, therapy can give them a sense of accomplishment even without meeting every goal.

When they become more confident and develop better-coping skills, things like achieving big life goals may feel easier to accomplish.

Improve Relationships

Relationships can be complex for anyone, but they're incredibly complicated when combined with psychological issues such as depression or anxiety. One of the biggest advantages of this program is learning how to communicate effectively so as not to hurt others.

It will also help them perceive how their behavior can affect those around them and give them strategies for resolving conflict without hurting those involved. Finally, it means less arguing and more positive interactions with those closest to you, making it easier for everyone involved.

Become More Compassionate

Compassion is an important emotion to have, especially when dealing with those who are hurting. Unfortunately, many people develop the belief that they shouldn't identify with those who've been through hardships. It is because it will cause them to resent what happened and feel like a victim. However, by seeing how their thoughts and behaviors impact others and learning to be more compassionate, they can fully understand others' feelings and help them rather than hurt them.

The compassion they learn in therapy will also translate over into self-compassion; understanding their feelings better may make it easier for them to love themselves and others.

Improve Communication Skills

Many teenagers enter psychotherapy after struggling to express themselves or feeling misunderstood for years. By working with a therapist, they will learn how to say difficult things to put into words. They will also know how other people think and can adjust their communication style accordingly.

Effective communication is a life skill that all teenagers need to learn to succeed professionally and personally. Thus, psychotherapy helps a lot in building a better personality among teens.

Psychotherapy in Los Angeles

Get the best Psychotherapy in Los Angeles from us!

Dr. Laura Calnan is among the best mental health experts, and she offers result-driven psychotherapy in Los Angeles to help teenagers. Speak to her and her team members at 818.331.1131 to know more about our personalized programs.

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