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How to Find the Best Psychologist in Los Angeles?

Individuals are now becoming increasingly conscious of mental health issues. Concerns about mental health are finally receiving the attention they deserve. As people's lives have become more complex, the importance of mental health has risen. To tackle mental health issues, people need to seek the best psychologist in Los Angeles and other cities.

Like the rest of the globe, many people suffering from mental illnesses have grown in the United States. On the one hand, the United States provides its inhabitants with a high standard of living; on the other, people's burdens and stress levels have grown.

What are the latest mental health issues statistics?

According to a survey by NAMI, 20.6% or 51.5 million people in the US experienced several mental health illnesses in 2019. In addition, 7.7 million individuals aged 6 to 17 experienced a mental health disorder in 2016. Unfortunately, these numbers are growing with every passing day, and there is a dire need for awareness among individuals.

The United States government has taken many significant steps to promote the establishment and development of mental health centers. In the past couple of years, Los Angeles has witnessed a sudden increase in mental health centers. However, with the growing number of clinics, the risk of incompatible clinics has also risen significantly. Here are a few tips for you to choose a psychologist wisely.

What are some tips while choosing a psychologist?

At the outset, decide whether you want a psychologist or a psychotherapist. Unfortunately, currently, there are not many clinics that offer both services. Therefore, to ensure that you get the right and effective treatment, it's essential to know the difference between the two.

Consult your doctor to find a psychologist

Contact your state or local psychological association. Consult a psychology department at a nearby institution or college. Inquire with relatives and friends. Or contact a community mental health clinic in your region.

Clients and psychologists collaborate

It is critical to find the appropriate fit. Your degree of personal comfort with that psychologist is a significant element in deciding whether or not to work with that psychologist. It is essential to have a solid relationship with your psychologist. Choose someone with whom you feel at ease and ease.

Ensure that your psychologist is a licensed one

Considering their level of experience is critical. Many psychologists focus on specific areas of psychology like child psychology, family issues, relationship advisers, and many others. If you have identified your problem as a particular issue, it would be better to approach a specialized psychologist. There are several benefits of a psychologist when you find the right expertise.

Find one that's in your budget

Mental health issues, unlike physical ailments, persist for a long time. They may even take years to get treated. Hence, in this case, finances play a huge role. First, you must find a psychologist who fits within your budget. Also, check with your health insurance and see if they cover mental health.

As you start your therapy, you have to discuss your goals with your professional. For example, you may be trying to conquer emotions of hopelessness connected with depression. However, remember that some plans take longer to achieve than others. You and your psychologist should establish when you may expect to see progress.

Psychologist in Los Angeles

Contact the best psychologist in Los Angeles

Get in touch with the best psychologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Laura Calnan, and book an appointment to discuss your challenges. Call us at 818.331.1131 or email us at to explore our personalized programs.

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