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How Dr. Laura Calnan Helps Different Kinds of Young People

Are you researching psychologists for your teenager and it doesn’t feel like any of them have the experience you’re looking for? Or, alternatively, are you in your 20s and feel like you could use some help with anxiety and depression? Dr. Calnan is an experienced psychologist who has helped people as young as teenagers as well as those in their twenties to overcome their struggles and to live their lives as they want. She does this through a unique kind of Integrative Psychology, as well as other proven methods.

Treatment for Teenagers

If you’re a teenager reading this, do you feel like you and your parents are always arguing about one thing or another? Alternatively, if you’re a parent reading this, does it seem like you “just don’t know your teen” anymore? Adolescence is about, in part, finding your identity. Specifically, “yours,” “you,” the teenager - who you are, as a separate entity from your parents. That can be a struggle for teens as well as their families. Dr. Calnan has years of experience specifically working with teenagers at Insight Treatment. Now, she can bring that experience to your treatment (or that of your teenager).

Young Adults in their Twenties

Are you in your 20s, and it feels like you’re “supposed to have it all figured out by now” but you don’t? Does it feel like something’s holding you back from “getting your life started?” These are common concerns. Our 20s are, in many ways, a time of transition - from being an adolescent to being an adult. However, we’re all still growing during this time. This is a period in your life when you may be examining the views you’ve had your entire life, and seeing where they fit in the life you want to lead. Dr. Calnan has helped so many to successfully navigate their 20s to the life they want.

Effective, Proven Treatments

Dr. Calnan’s track record speaks for itself. Over the years, she’s provided individual, group, and even family therapy for patients from all walks of life. Moreover, she’s helped those with many different situations as well: from those with co-occurring disorders, addictive behaviors, anxiety, depression, severe mental illness, and others. Always, she’s focused on emphasizing an inner process of healing in every client. With compassion, authenticity, and acceptance, her treatment has helped so many to be exactly who they want to be.

More than Just Teens and Twenty-Somethings

It’s possible you’ve read to this point and thought: “that all sounds great. But, I’m not a teenager, nor do I have one, and I’m certainly not in my twenties anymore.” Dr. Calnan treats adults, too. Mid-life, as like other stages of life, presents its own challenges. Those in mid-life could include grief, chronic health conditions, pain, parenting, and more. Dr. Calnan is here to support those who need it. Even if it doesn’t seem that way, clarity and resolution are possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Calnan, you can use the form at her site or call (818) 331-1131.

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