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How Anxiety Treatment in Studio City Can Work

Have you been feeling anxious for a period of time? Does it seem like no matter what you do or what’s going on in your life, your anxiety doesn’t entirely go away? That’s far more common than most people think. With the year that we’ve all been through, it’s perfectly understandable that folks are dealing with more anxiety than ever before. That’s even true with the world opening up more. Anxiety treatment Studio City can help you to reframe how you look at things so that you can feel (and live) so much better.

CBT: Recognizing Your Negative Thoughts

Often, people with anxiety are told that something is “just in their head.” Of course, that doesn’t make it even remotely less real. Anxiety can make it seem as if a given situation is actually more threatening than it really is. If you have social anxiety for example, the idea of going to a party (even if you’ve been invited by a friend) can be something that makes you very nervous and scared. This may seem like a fear that’s irrational to you as you read this, but recognizing your irrational fears can be very challenging. Dr. Calnan can help you to see exactly what the negative thoughts are in your life that are holding you back.

Seeing Your Negative Thoughts for What They Are

Identifying the negative thoughts is just the first step. Then comes an evaluation, a questioning, an analysis. This method of challenging your negative thoughts can, over time, empower you to see clearly whether or not it’s right to avoid the thing that you’re afraid of and to see the real chances of occurrence of something that makes you feel very anxious. Always, Dr. Calnan works with patients in a safe, supportive, and calming environment.

Replacement and Reframing

In this particular kind of therapy, the next step is to replace those negative thoughts. Instead of just replacing them with any other thoughts, the goal is to replace them with thoughts that are both more positive as well as accurate. This can help you to live how you want. Of course, this also isn’t the kind of thing that can happen overnight. But, in time, Dr. Calnan can help you to take control of your life back from your most negative, limiting thoughts.

Anxiety Treatment in Studio City from a True Professional

The above is just one particular method by which Dr. Calnan can treat someone’s anxiety. That’s what works for some patients. She always tailors her treatment to the individual needs of each patient. So, if you were to go to her for help with anxiety, say, she might utilize an entirely different form of treatment with you. In all likelihood, you’re not too young or too old to be treated by Dr. Calnan, as she helps folks from all walks of life, teens, young adults, adults, and more. To schedule a consultation with her, call (818) 331-1131.


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