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Experienced Psychologist for Your Needs

Have you been searching online for a psychologist in the Southern California area? Are you dealing with depression or anxiety and aren’t sure where to turn? That’s perfectly understandable. Our lives are so hectic, with so much expected of us, that many folks from all walks of life are currently struggling with depression, anxiety, or even addictive behaviors. Dr. Laura Calnan is a trained, experienced psychologist who can treat you, helping you to explore the underlying causes of symptoms and ultimately to overcome them.

Dr. Calnan’s Background

With a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Psy.D in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Calnan has the proper education to treat your struggles. Beyond that, she has the experience, too. After all, she’s been the primary therapist at Avalon Malibu as well as the staff Psychologist for La Ventana Treatment programs. That’s just some of her experience. Now, she can put that to work for you and your needs.

What Dr. Calnan Believes

Over the years, Dr. Calnan has come to understand her clients from a biopsychosocial perspective. She’s found that, often, clients will re-enact destructive experiences, childhood trauma, and the like in their current relational dynamics. So, she works with her clients in many ways, usually including identifying development impingements and addressing relational issues that may be causing her clients’ problems. This works not so much to “treat the symptoms” so to speak, but rather, to treat what’s causing the symptoms. That way, her clients can find lasting success.

A Process of Healing

Dr. Calnan, whenever possible, emphasizes an inner process of healing. That means, in all things, there’s a focus on compassion, acceptance, and authenticity. By helping clients to have healthier, more sustainable relationships with themselves, they’re able to do so with others, as well. The process does not occur overnight. But, through extensive psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy as well as humanistic psychology, it’s possible to see real results that change lives for the better.

More than Anxiety and Depression

As you may have noticed from the places that Dr. Calnan has worked in the past, she’s treated many who struggle with addiction. Her understanding of the recovery process sets her apart from others, as she knows what it takes to identify what’s causing an addiction as well as what it takes to overcome it, too.

One Step to Take

Dr. Calnan understands just how difficult it may be to reach out to someone for help. If you’re struggling right now, there might be so much telling you not to do so. However, she’s more than happy to talk to anyone, so as to determine exactly how she can help moving forward. At this time, during the pandemic, she also offers remote video sessions for the health and comfort of her clients. While she has extensive experience treating teens and young adults, she treats those who are older than their twenties as well. You can send her a message through her site or call (818) 331-1131.

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