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Benefits of an Anxiety Therapist in Sherman Oaks

Have you or someone you love been struggling with anxiety? Does it feel like, even when things are going well, you’re just still so anxious? During these challenging, unprecedented times, it’s perfectly understandable to feel anxious at times. If your anxiety doesn’t go away and feels pervasive, then it may very well be time to reach out to an anxiety therapist in Sherman Oaks (who also serves the surrounding area). As an anxiety therapist Sherman Oaks residents trust, Dr. Calnan can help you or someone you care about to discover what’s really causing the anxiety, and then work with you to develop the kinds of tools that help you overcome it.

Signs that It May Be Time for an Anxiety Therapist in Sherman Oaks

“Anxiety” is one of those words that tend to have different definitions for different people. For someone who could be best served by seeing a therapist, it might be more beneficial to think of excessive, non-stop worry. If you feel like your thoughts are often “spiraling,” as if you’re constantly thinking of something negative and catastrophic, then seeing a therapist could be a great idea. That’s especially true because this sort of anxiety can take a serious toll on the rest of your life, such as harming your relationships, or even your ability to work, sleep, and take care of your body.

What Therapy Can Help With

Essentially, by helping you to eventually become more in control. For many, their anxiety is a symptom, caused by something else. You may not even be aware of what that is. In therapy, the therapist will work with you to help you to discover exactly what that may be. When you’re aware of it, then you can take even more proactive steps.

Dealing With Negative Thoughts in a Productive, Positive, and Realistic Way

For the most part, when someone has anxiety, they tend to view situations in a more catastrophic fashion, as if they’re more threatening than they actually are. Then, in time, the therapist may work with you to evaluate, analyze, question, and ultimately even challenge these negative thoughts. This is all working towards one thing: eventually replacing those thoughts with ones that are more realistic and positive. These are real, actionable, and proven methods that have helped so many folks over the years to not just improve their anxiety but to actually overcome it.

More Than Just Therapy for Anxiety

While this particular blog just covered the ways that Dr. Calnan may be able to help you or someone you love with anxiety, the truth is that she can assist with so much more than just that. With her extensive background in rehab facilities, she’s also more than equipped to help those struggling with addiction, too. Over her career, she’s worked with teenagers, adults, and young adults. She’s currently taking new patients, so if it feels like your anxiety is really getting to you, there’s something you can do. You can schedule a consultation with her at (818) 331-1131.


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