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A Studio City Therapist to Help You Find Real, Lasting Joy in Who You Are

Do you feel depressed often? Does it feel like you struggle to get through your day? Just because you don’t feel all that great mentally, that doesn’t mean there’s anything “wrong” with you or anything of the sort. The truth is that we all need a bit of help sometimes. Really, that’s one of the many benefits of therapy. Over the years, Dr. Calnan, Studio City therapist, has helped so many folks, throughout Southern California and the surrounding area, face any number of challenges to overcome them and live how they want. Now, the same can be done for you.

Something to Keep in Mind About Your Emotions

First, all of your emotions are OK. None of your emotions are “wrong,” “incorrect,” or anything like that. That said, you may want to manage your emotions differently. Perhaps you’d like to manage them in such a way that you can feel a bit happier as you go through your day. Or, also, perhaps you would like to integrate more into the whole of who you are. That’s one more benefit to therapy with Dr. Calnan. A therapist with a theoretical orientation as well as a treatment plan for how to implement it can help you to manage your emotions in the right way for you.

The True Role of Therapy

Many of us hide from our “old hurts,” that pain we’ve carried with us for years. We may not even acknowledge or even know that we’re doing so. The role of therapy is, really, to help folks do exactly that. Instead of hiding from that pain, acknowledge it. Face it. Specifically, to “face it” in a supportive, welcoming setting. Beyond just facing it, therapy is also to help in finding better, more adaptive ways to deal with that pain. In turn, that can lead to a better exploration and expression of one’s true self.

Where Therapy can Lead

When’s the last time you were truly “delighted” by yourself? That’s one of the other goals of therapy, to help one to truly “delight” in their self. That means to be happy with yourself, of course, but it also means to develop a curiosity about yourself, to explore and discover what you do, how you feel, and why. In turn, that can lead to a greater awareness of yourself. With that, you can better manage your emotions as well as so much more in your life, too.

A Studio City Therapist for You

The above are just some of the benefits of therapy with an experienced therapist. Each of them (and so many more) can be achievable, regardless of where you are in life. Whether you’re a teenager who’s really beginning to explore their identity, a young adult just out of college in the process of building a foundation for their life, or an adult seeking to improve their own life, therapy can help with so much. To see exactly how therapy can help you with your needs, there’s more information at the site. To schedule a consultation, call (818) 331-1131.


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