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A Psychotherapist in Studio City to Meet You Where You Are

Are you in your 20s and feel adrift in life, like there’s something wrong but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Or, alternatively, are you the parent of a teenager, see your teen struggling, and wish there was some way for them to get help? Whether you’re a teenager, in your twenties, or older, Dr. Calnan can help. With her extensive background (at Insight Treatment, Exodus Recovery, Brotman Hospital, and elsewhere) she’s assisted folks from all walks of life to improve their body, mind, and spirit. Her psychotherapist in Studio City and the surrounding area practice can now do the same for you.

For Teenagers

Being a teenager is all about discovering your identity and developing it, in a way that’s different from that of your parents. That can be the journey of a lifetime, a great deal of fun. However, often, it can leave you feeling depressed, too. You and your parents may struggle to adjust to these new realities, leading to any number of fights. Whether it’s with your parents or with your peers, Dr. Calnan can help. She’s “been there before,” literally -- both through her own life and extensive working with teenagers. Working with her, teenagers can understand what’s going on in their lives in a new way.

A Psychotherapist in Studio City For Those in Their Twenties

At any stage of life, you might feel lost and unsure. However, in our modern era, people in their 20’s might feel that way the most. Even more so than the teen years, the 20s can be a real time of transition, of going from childhood to adulthood that might feel a bit out of reach. You could be in the process of continuing to pursue your education, you could be launching your career, you could be starting your own family - or, you could be doing all of those at the same time. Dr. Calanan can provide the kind of guidance and support that helps you to recontextualize your life, ultimately actualizing you to live how you want.

Adults and Beyond

Just because you’ve aged out of your 20s doesn’t mean that you suddenly have all of the answers. If you’re like many, you could be left with more questions than ever. Parenting, grief, health conditions, marriage, re-marriage - the trials and tribulations of middle-age (and above) can take a real toll on someone, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Throughout all of it, if you’re like so many others, you could feel that you lack clarity. That’s exactly one of the many, many ways that Dr. Calnan can help.

One Step to Take

As you can see, no matter where you are in life, Dr. Calnan can help to provide guidance, support, and another perspective. We all have our challenges and struggles. That said, we don’t have to give in to them, to let them run our lives. Dr. Calnan is adept at finding what those underlying traumas are within us that can hold us back. She can help you to discover them and then, in time, overcome them. To schedule a session, call (818) 331-1131.


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